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What's the Purpose of Bread

Miss Martha (middle age) has a small shop in Aldomirovtsi village near Sofia, Bulgaria. Quite a few women her age with far lesser success, were already married. Miss Martha's daily round passes monotonously with one and the same clients, passed her age long ago. A man, evidently younger than the rest of the regular clients, started visiting the shop. The newcomer always buys an old bread and every time diligently counts his cents. Miss Martha started to take interest in him and decides to win him over as she puts fat in the following old bread. Is the love between them going to flame or the ambition of miss Martha to win his heart will crush her world?

Short Film


1 award \ 13 festival selections




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Project team

Nicky Stoichkov


Blagovest Zlatkov


Janeta Ivanova & Violina Hristova

Production Design

Marta Vachkova


Georgi Kolev


Georgi Djulgerov

Artistic director

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