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The main goal of NoBlink! Is to create and spread videos, short and feature movies, which change people’s lives in positive direction.

To accomplish this NoBlink! Team develops two projects – NoBlink! Media and NoBlink! Studio.


History of NoBlink! Studio

Nicky Stoichkov: “During the Mater class in direction of professor Georgi Dyulgerov in NBU in 2014/2015 I met a dozen young, inspired, capable people, in whose eyes you could read: “I will make movies and nothing and nobody can stop me”. For only a year from total strangers we became true friends. For this period of time we managed to write, prepare, shoot, edit and present 8 great movies. During the preparation and shooting we were everywhere together. Everyone was giving their all for his colleague’s movie.

After this stunning term I realized that without any thinking and organization we create a team, that is bulletproof.  The only task is to hold ourselves as a team after the graduation. So I gathered all people at one place, offered them to create a production company and to continue making our movies together. For my happiness everyone agreed. As a result, for the needs of the different projects we invited more astonishing people to our team. Up until today, when I can easily say, that we are one of the strongest teams in the Bulgarian cinema.”




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